The Charles Bronfman Prize Now Accepting Nominations for 2025

New York, The Charles Bronfman Prize is now accepting nominations through August 20th for its 2025 Prize.

The $100,000 award is presented each year to an individual or team whose innovative humanitarian work, fueled by Jewish values, has significantly improved the world. Nomination forms and guidelines can be found on the Prize website. An international panel of judges will select the Prize, which will be announced in January 2025.

The Prize was founded as a gift to Charles Bronfman on his 70th birthday by Stephen Bronfman and Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and their spouses as a tribute to the values and innovative spirit that have served as a compass throughout Charles Bronfman’s life. Now in its 20th year, The Prize celebrates the inspiration and impact of humanitarians under 50 whose endeavors inspire future generations.

The global reach of The Charles Bronfman Prize laureates to-date encompasses diverse issues such as criminal justice reform, immigration and refugees, medicine, the environment, education, humanitarian relief, human rights, and the arts. “We look to identify young changemakers who are actively solving the world’s most pressing problems,” notes Ellen Bronfman Hauptman on behalf of The Prize Founders. “We continue to be profoundly inspired and impressed by the incredible work our laureates are doing.”

The Charles Bronfman Prize laureates are recognized as leaders and experts in their respective fields. Several of the laureates have been named Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum. 2004 inaugural Prize recipient, Jay Feinberg’s Gift of Life, received $6 million dollars to fund their new Biologics subsidiary. Sasha Chanoff, 2010 Prize awardee who is founder and Executive Director of RefugePoint, was featured in a Christian Science Monitor article about sponsoring Afghan refugees in the US. Earlier this month, BBC aired a story about 2013 Prize laureate Eric Rosenthal and his team from, Disability Rights International, shedding light on Ukrainian children with disabilities abandoned by their caregivers. US. To add, Rebecca Heller, 2015 Prize recipient, director and co-founder of International Refugee Assistance Project, was named a MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Fellow in 2019 and Israeli author Etgar Keret, 2016 Prize recipient, won Israel’s most prestigious literary award, the Sapir Prize. Finally, both Amy Bach’s Measures for Justice and Drs. Jessica Beckerman and Ari Johnson’s organization Muso, received substantial donations from Mackenzie Scott and 2022 recipient Nik Kafka, the founder and CEO of Teach a Man to Fish was featured in the UK’s Jewish News. 2023 laureate Yotam Polizer of IsraAid has played a prominent role in Israel's recovery after the October 7 massacre.

‘The positive impact that each of our laureates has never ceases to amaze me,’ declared Charles Bronfman, ‘they are truly incredible.

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