call for nominations will be open Fall 2019 to Winter 2020

The Charles Bronfman Prize accepts nominations in all areas of humanitarian work across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Past recipients have distinguished themselves through their work in the fields of environment, genetics, humanitarian relief, human rights, medical education, public education, the economy, and storytelling to convey values across cultures.


Candidates are presented for consideration by a Nominator with three supporting references. An internationally recognized panel of judges selects the Prize recipient(s) and bestows an award of $100,000 to be used at their sole discretion.


Nominators from a wide variety of distinguished institutions around the world help to identify qualified candidates for the Prize. While most have pursued social impact through non-profit mechanisms, some Nominees have used other creative vehicles of change, such as B Corporations.


Open: November 1, 2019
Close: January 10, 2020
Nomination Timeline

The annual cycle of The Charles Bronfman Prize begins in the fall with an internationally promoted “Call for Nominations” for the Prize. The evaluation process is conducted in three stages over the winter and spring, with a recipient announced in the fall.


Nominees are brought to the attention of the Prize by a nominating team that consists of a Nominator and three references. Nominees cannot self-nominate. The Nominator acts as the point of contact between the Prize and the Nominee during the nomination and evaluation process.


The “Call” remains open for roughly 10 weeks each fall to allow nominating teams to adequately prepare their nominations. Please refer to the FAQs page for more details on how to deliver a nomination.


For the best indicator of the kind of Nominees we are seeking, visit the recipients page of the Prize website.


All nominations will be duly acknowledged in writing, by email, to all members of the nominating team, with a copy to the Nominee.


For additional information, please contact Paulette Light, Executive Director, at

Who Is Eligible?

We are looking for today’s Jewish heroes: next-generation leaders who have a vision for change that will significantly better the world, and who have created a mechanism for acting on that vision in ways that deliver measurable results. We evaluate that against the following criteria:

  • Nominees must be individuals or teams, not organizations. Specifically, we are interested in those who created the vision on which the organization/endeavor is founded.
  • Nominees must not have reached their 50th birthday by the close of the nomination period. There are no exceptions to this date.
  • Nominees must be next-generation leaders who have a vision for change that will better the world in a meaningful way.
  • Nominees must have created a mechanism for acting on their vision in ways that deliver measurable results.
  • Nominees have exhibited innovation, leadership, and impact in their chosen field.
  • Nominees must espouse Jewish values and demonstrate universal regard for humanity that will inspire and serve as a model for future generations.

How to Present Your Nominee:

The nomination process includes several steps that are outlined as follows. At the heart of the Nomination are the letters of Nomination and References, which should collectively address the Four Questions (see below).


A nomination requires a nominator and three letters of reference along with a viable nominee and their proof of age and resume. The Charles Bronfman Prize encourages Nominators to collaborate with their Nominee to present a strong, well-informed nomination.

  • The Nominator writes the Letter of Nomination and should be someone who is well acquainted with the candidate. He/she is the point of contact between the Prize and the nomination and must be available for possible follow-up inquiries throughout the selection process. The Letter of Nomination should present the Nominee and broadly attest to his/her suitability as a candidate against the evaluation criteria outlined in the Four Questions.
  • The three additional Letters of Reference should come from colleagues both inside and outside the Nominee’s organization and be used as an opportunity to reflect upon the qualifications and global impact of the Nominee against the evaluation criteria. Only three Letters of Reference will be accepted.
  • Nominators and References must be someone other than the Nominee, or his/her family members.
  • The Letters of Nomination and References should combine to address the Four Questions
  • All documents must be in English. A signed translation is acceptable.
  • Nominators are responsible for submitting the complete Nomination packet consisting of:


    • Signed nomination forms.
    • Signed Letter of Nomination. 
    • Three additional signed Letters of Reference.
    • Curriculum vitae.
    • Proof of age. Nominees must be under 50 years of age by the close of the nomination period. A copy of a birth certificate, driver’s license or passport page is acceptable.
  • Please send only the materials requested. If supplemental materials are required, we will be in touch.
The Four Questions
  • What is your Nominee’s vision for change to better the world in a meaningful way? Describe how the Nominee’s vision is pioneering change in his/her field.
  • What model/mechanism has your Nominee created to enact his/her vision, and what are the measurable results? Describe how the endeavors of the Nominee demonstrate his/her impact both qualitatively and quantitatively, and how his/her effectiveness has been broadly endorsed.
  • How has and does your Nominee exhibit innovation, leadership, and impact in his/her chosen field? Describe how your Nominee has created new paradigms through his/her leadership and guidance, how he/she is connected to the larger field, and whether he/she is recognized as a leader within the field and globally.
  • How do your Nominee’s Jewish values and universal regard for humanity inspire future generations? Describe how your Nominee’s Jewish values and universal regard for humanity are models for next generations of leadership.


All Four Questions must be addressed through the Letter of Nomination and the three Letters of Reference.

How to Submit Your Nomination

How to Submit Your Nomination Packet:

All materials must be submitted online without exception. Only complete nomination packets will be considered.


Nominations must be received no later than the close of business on the final day of the nomination period.



Nomination materials become the property of The Charles Bronfman Prize Foundation and will not be returned. Nominators and References grant to The Charles Bronfman Prize Foundation the right to copy, reprint, and quote or publish from nomination materials as part of its awards program or other public communication. Charles Bronfman and The Charles Bronfman Prize Foundation do not engage in lobbying or endorsement on behalf of Prize candidates or recipients.

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