Drs. Jessica Beckerman + Ari Johnson
Jessica Beckerman and
Ari Johnson
Co-founders, CMO + CEO

Jewish Values

“Nearly six million children are dying each year from diseases we know how to easily cure, because they do not get the care they need in time—because of where they were born, because of the color of their skin, because their parents do not have enough cash in their pockets. As Jews, we commit together to the Torah’s moral imperative: We will not stand idly on the blood of our fellow humans. Together, we have everything we need to end this injustice in our lifetimes, to save millions of lives.”

Jessica, Ari and their Global Impact

Millions of people living in poverty die every year from treatable diseases. Muso partners with governments to design, test, and scale strategies to create lasting impact for rapid, universal health care that keep every patient in mind. Through a community-based Proactive Care model, Muso deploys Community Health Workers (CHWs) to actively search for patients door-to-door to connect them to life-saving services early. Patients receive care with no out-of-pocket fees, and the sickest patients are evacuated to redesigned community health centers. Research has documented that Proactive Care communities achieved a ten-fold increase in access to care, and achieved and sustained the lowest child mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa.